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Daily Dog Walking Services


We recognize that a dog’s activity level differs based on age, breed & size.  We have designed our walking services to address a variety of client needs; however, we are flexible and can design our time spent with your pet as you desire.  Increase/decrease time, play ball with some walking, or just a friendly visit to keep your pal company.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will put together a program to please both you and your best friend.


Safety First:  Your dog listens to you best.  Even the most obedient dog can run into bad luck, or bring bad luck to a squirrel, so (with the exception of our 'Walk On The Wild Side') we never let dogs in our care walk off-leash. 

Personal Dog Walks guarantee that your pet receives our full attention.  Group walks are in small groups ensuring that your pet will not be overlooked while exploring new terrain.  We do not permit the use of mp3 players or extended cell phone conversations while we are with your pet.


Personal, Individual Dog Walk:  You take breaks during the day, doesn't your dog deserve one too?  We will come to your residence to give your dog their own personalized, individual walk close to home.  After our walk, we will refresh the water (and food if desired) and leave a treat.  We can also work with special requests for your pet's time with us.  (Please note that rates may vary depending on location.)

Single Dog Per Household:    $16 20-40 Minutes,  $28 45-60 Minutes
Additional Household Dog:    Rate varies depending on breed, size, activity level, age, etc.  Please inquire.


Neighborhood Dog Club:  Does your dog have friends near by that they would like to walk with?  We will help you organize a neighborhood walking group.  We will come to the 'hood' to round the dogs up and walk them close to home.  We will refresh each dog's water bowl when we return them home and leave them with a treat.  All dogs in group must live within walking distance of each other.  Group minimum 2-dogs, Group Maximum 4-dogs.

1/2-Hour Walk:   $16 per Dog      1-Hour Walk:  $28 per Dog



 Now Avaliable Off Leash!   Walk On The Wild Side:   Give your pal a break from the pavement and send them to the woods to run off leash.  We will come to pick your dog up for a leisuirely stroll through a wooded area on marked trails with a small pack of their peers.  Give your dog the chance to sniff out new exciting smells while playing with new friends on a quiet shaded trail padded with soft pine needles and leaves.  Total walk time in the woods is approximately 75-minutes.  Space is limited to 3-dogs per pack.  Waiting list is available.  Please inquire regarding days offered.

Single Outing:  $25      Monday through Friday:  $20


Now Available!
Small, Off Leash Group Trail Walks and Play Groups

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Fun for Them and
Free Time for You!

A Portion Of Proceeds Donated In Your Pet's Name To An Animal Shelter Or Animal Charity Of Your Choice!

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