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Pet Sitting Services

If you can’t take your pet along when you go out of town, consider letting them stay at home in familiar surroundings where they are less likely to be over-stressed in your absence.  We will stop by for a friendly visit  to let your friend know that he/she has not been left behind alone, and help maintain the routine schedule they are accustomed to.

Reservations for our pet sitting requires 5-days advance notice, and 2-weeks prior to holiday weeks/weekends.  In fairness, a 10% surcharge might be applied to last minute reservations.


Pet Sitting for Cats, Rabbits and  Other Small Animals (other than reptiles):   Visits include feeding, water refresh, cage/litter cleaning, and special needs you may have for your pet.  


Up to Two Animals:  1/2-Hour $16,  1-Hour  $28   

Each Additional Animal:  1/2-Hour $4, 1-Hour $8




Vacation Dog Sitting and Walking:
Visits Include a walk for dog's potty break, home inspection for 'accidents' and clean up as required, feeding performed to your specifications, water change and lots of TLC for your best friend.


Base Service Rates:  1/2-Hour $16, 1-Hour  $28
Overnight Service:  12-Hour Overnight Stay & 1/2-Hour Midday Visit  $75
(Prices quoted are for a single dog household.  Please inquire about multiple dog households.) 




Pet Sitting Services Include Complimentary:

• Mail and Newspaper Collection

• Plant and Garden Watering

• Lights Turned On or Off

• Trash Disposal/Trash Can Retrieval
• Detailed Notes About Our Visit

• Lots of Attention and Affection for Your Pet




Pet Visiting and Taxi Services


In addition to our pet sitting services, we also offer pet visiting to help provide stress relief for you.  If you are ever strapped for time, give us a call, we will do our best to help you with the pet care responsibilities when you can't be there.

(Please note, we can not guarantee our Rush Hour Relief and Pet-Livery services if you are not currently a PHP customer.)


Puppy Crate Training Relief:  You love your new puppy so much, but also love your couch and dining room set.  Crate training is for your puppy's (and furniture's) safety when you are away during the day, don't feel bad about it.

We will come to your house to give your pup a break from the crate, take them to the spot you would like them to eliminate, play with the little critter for a while, and return them tired to their bed.  Clean-up, water, feeding included.

1/2-Hour:  $16          1-Hour:  $25


Rush Hour Relief:  Putting in a lot of overtime at work?  Have a school activity you must attend?  Just want a night out?  If you are having trouble getting home to tend to the pet(s), schedule us to do the task for you.

We’ll stop by to provide a bathroom break for your pet, change the water bowl, feed to your specifications and provide assistance with required pet needs you may have.  (Relief hours typically fall between 6:00 and 9:00 PM)

1/2-Hour Visit (1-Animal):

Additional Household Animal:  $4


Pet-Livery Services:  Saturday vet and grooming appointments require advanced booking and are hard to come by.  Plus, who wants to spend their Saturday shuttling pets around when there is so much else to do?  Give us a call; we will be happy to run your pet errands anytime for you, and in addition, give you an item to cross off your to-do list. 

Each 1/2-hour (round trip):  $16


A Portion Of Proceeds Donated In Your Pet's Name To An Animal Shelter Or Animal Charity Of Your Choice!

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